Why is your country fucked up


I have decided to bring to life “Charlie Goes Abroad” for the Boosh Art Club!  Now, I remember hearing that in Australia, birds come and and attack people for a few months out of the year and it’s just a normal thing.  These are the kinds of facts I need about other countries.  I basically want Charlie to a few countries and face absolutely crazy shit.  Please, the represent your country with pride (that includes the US and the UK) and let me know what kind of fucked up shit can happen to a person who comes to visit your great land.  

I’d really appreciate signal boosts!!!

This is a great idea! 

(and a reminder that this month’s Boosh Art Club theme is Moments from the radio show and that you are all invited to make some art!)

After seeing meeplegirl call Noel a little Coco Puffs tart, I know think that the Little Coco Puffs Tart should be their spokeperson/character and I can't help imagining that you could design an awesome cereal box cover on that theme... Just an idea!

oh no the coco puffs tart has been posing with a box of coco puffs again? Doesn’t he remember what happened the last time?? Because I do…

Boosh film!

I am madly in love with this little film, so i made a Howince version of it :)


Woop! Thanks so much to everyone who voted (even more than last month - wow!). 

The theme for March is……….

Boosh Baddies!

Who gives you the heebs and/or jeebs? Is Gregg truly evil or just misunderstood? Do you wish the Hitcher would put you in a box? Is the Spirit of Jazz playing your tune?! 

Art is a broad term so go nuts - last month we had an amazing variety of submissions! Tag your entries with #boosh art club in the first five tags so we can all see it :).

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! I already have my idea and can’t wait to get going!

Also this. I don’t have as much time to draw fan art as I used to, it’s time for you to take part of this responsibility on yourselves! Also it is fun. It’s fun to create and it’s fun to see things from various people in various techniques and styles. GET INVOLVED.


So… like I was saying, even with the newly acquired job, the last two checks from the current one are gonna be so lousy, theyll likely only cover me for rent so I still need to earn money for bills to hold me over til I start getting checks from the new job.

that in mind, let me please remind you all of the following…

My eBay account still has items for sale and likely more will go up in the coming weeks. 

Please have a look at the items and pass along any to friends you know that might like this stuff. If you can’t buy something, if you could please help pass it along, that’d be helpful.

Also, some might have noticed I have added new items to my RedBubble store. Again, please have a look and pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

I don’t get paid as quickly with RedBubble but every little bit helps during the transitional period between jobs.

Lastly, if you don’t see anything you like but still wanna help, my paypal is still open for donations as well using

I hate even putting that there cos I’m sure some anon is gonna come in here and accuse me of begging, even though I’m doing plenty to *earn* money (it just isn’t coming in enough time or amount…) before I start my new job (that I changed to because of how poorly my last job was paying and leaving me and how I don’t have a roommate anymore and now don’t have food stamps so theres another 15-200 dollars per month that I don’t get anymore) BUT people ask for it so I’m putting it there. whatever. 

You know Rikki, the Queen Fieldmouse, she’s in the very centre of the Mutant Mountain… I believe that most of you wouldn’t be following me without Rikki’s help, I wouldn’t have so much fun here and I wouldn’t draw so many things, I owe her, we all do. Reblogging to this blog, so it reaches more people than on my personal, and hopefully some people who want to help or who will adore some of Rikki’s shirt designs or other things she has to sell. 

I heard a little while ago you didn't pass an art test?and I'm sorry... But i'm not messaging you to tell you i'm sorry, I'm messaging you to tell you that you are an amazing artist, utterly BURSTING at the seams with talent. You don't need to pass a test for that, it's just something you possess, and not anyone {not even the moment stealers}can take that fact and that passion and that talent away from you. You are gifted and born to be a star. No matter what people say,it won't dim your shine.x

Awww, thank you… Yea, I didn’t get accepted to an art school I wanted to go to, but it’s alright… now I’m like “I didn’t want to your stupid school anyway! Fuck you! And see you next year because I’m totally gonna try for the third time and I’ll be fucking brilliant…